How to use the Soda Ball in Knockout City

Drink soda.

Soda Ball

Screenshot by Gamepur

Boba Cola is the most popular beverage in Knockout City—and also the most dangerous. This ticking fizz bomb is ready to blow up and bamboozle the competition (or yourself if you aren’t careful). Added in Season Two, the Soda Ball is a perfect addition to the Special Ball lineup. But how do you use the Soda Ball, and what makes it unique from the other Special Balls in the game? Let’s take a look at how to use the Soda Ball in Knockout City.

Similar to the Bomb Ball, the Soda Ball has a time ticker and will explode once that time is up; however, it works a little differently. Unlike the Bomb Ball, which starts ticking down as soon as it is picked up, the Soda Ball will not start its much shorter timer until the ball is charged or immediately thrown.

Additionally, the explosion from the Soda Ball doesn’t deal any damage. Instead, the explosion of soda will cause lowered visibility to whoever it hits (including you and your teammates) by pouring a reddish-brown soda animation over the screen.

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The best ways to utilize the Soda Ball are as follows:

  • Use it like a normal ball. If the soda explosion helps your efforts, great, if not, no harm no foul
  • Charge it for a split second, cancel the throw, and then throw it at an enemy so it will explode on impact or on catch
  • Pass it to a player that is closer to the opponent. That ally can throw the ball with the shortening time ticker at the opponent(s)

The Soda Ball is the sixth Special Ball added into Knockout City.