How to use the wind to find your objectives and tracked items in Ghost of Tsushima

May the wind be always at your side.

Ghost of Tsushima

Suckerpunch has committed to a very clean HUD in Ghosts of Tsushima, giving you only the most important information on the screen at any given moment. Two of the things that they have decided to not use are a compass and waypoints to help you get to your destinations. Instead, they have used the wind, explained in the lore as the ghost of your deceased father, to help guide you.

A strong gust of wind will blow each time you exit out of the menus, but you can also call in a gust of wind by swiping up on the touch pad at any time. The wind will always blow in the direct that you need to go for your chosen objective. You can place objectives by clicking on any map marker, and the wind will lead you there.

Ghost of Tsushima

You can also change what your windy helper will lead you two in the map screen. When the map is open, hit right on the D-pad, and you will get a list of items that your wind can track. These will expand as you play through the game. When you get the the Traveler’s Attire, you will be able to track things like Flowers, which are an important resources for creating new colors for your armor.

You can also set the Guiding Wind to “Guiding Wind Target” which will cause it to direct you towards any waypoint that you have set on your map. You will be able to see the wind portray on the map as a wispy line between you and your chosen destination.