How to view the Catalog for Splatoon 3

You need to go a little out of your way to find these items.

Splatoon 3 Drizzle Season 2022 Catalog

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The Catalog is Splatoon 3’s version of a free battle pass. While players do not have to pay to access the content on here, and there is no premium version, everything on this track is only obtainable by playing Splatoon 3 regularly. The Catalog is changed out for a new one every three months, so if you want to get absolutely everything possible, you need to play the game a lot. However, what if you want to see what is available before investing that time? Here is how to view the Splatoon 3 Catalog.

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How to look at the Catalog items in Splatoon 3

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Originally, the only way to look at the Catalog in Splatoon 3 was through the Nintendo Switch Online app on your phone, but as of the start of Season 2, you can now see the full Catalog in the game. While you are not in any kind of match, press X to bring up the menu and go to the Status tab. Press A on Catalog which will then let you select See More. On the next screen, you are able to flip through all of the pages of the Catalog and see what items you get at all 100 tiers in that season’s content.

How to look at the Splatoon 3 Catalog items in Splatnet 3

To view your Catalog, you need to have the Nintendo Switch Online app installed on a mobile device and sign into your account on it. Start up the app and select Splatoon 3 under Game-Specific Services. This will open SplatNet 3. To view the Catalog, select the blue icon in between Wadercrust and Album.

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When you open the Catalog on your phone, you can scroll between all pages and view all 100 items available in the current season’s Catalog. You can also see your current progress and the ending time for the season at the top of the screen.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to pull up the items and get a better look at them besides the small preview shown in the window for it.

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