How to visit the NBA Creative Hub in Fortnite – how to fix the glitch

It’s an odd one.


The NBA Creative Hub has arrived in Fortnite, and with it, a lot of challenges that you can complete to get some extra XP for your Season 6 Battle Pass. These are easy enough to do, with one in particular being incredibly basic.

All you need to do to earn 50,000 XP is to visit the NBA Hub in Creative Mode. There is just one simple issue, the challenge is glitched. People who load into the Hub will find that they do not wrap up the challenge at all, and need to go through some extra steps.

First, to get to the Hub, click on the Change button over the Play button in the bottom right of the screen and select creative. After that, Select the “Create” option, and you will be loaded directly into the NBA Hub. 

As we have already covered, this will not actually complete the challenge for you, and you will need to take some additional steps. Find a portal and interact with the keycode terminal beside it, then put in the following creative code “2008-0428-3912”. 

It will take a moment to load, then when it does walk through the portal. You will spawn at the top of the NBA Stadium and can glider down to the roof. Wait for a short while, then hit the prompted button to begin the match. 

This should cause the challenge to pop, and you can then simply leave Creative mode or return to the hub, whichever one you want. This solution was found by The Ice King on Youtube, so well done to them for helping out the community.