How to wall jump in Psychonauts 2

Reach higher areas by wall jumping.

Image via Xbox

Psychonauts 2 will test your acrobatic skills, and it features a classic platforming mechanic, the wall jump. As Raz, you’ll be leaping from place to place to solve mind-bending levels along the way. This guide will help you on your psychokinetic journey.

When you see two walls narrowly close to each other, you can initiate a wall jump between them. Once you see a colored outline under Raz’s feet, you can bounce off the wall onto the other. Repeatedly press the A button (or cross button on PlayStation systems) in a rhythm to reach the top. If the gap is further out than normal, you can double jump from wall to wall as well.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Psychonauts 2 also lets you wall jump from just one wall onto a higher platform. We like to double jump off the wall and then get a little more elevation by using an attack in the air. This sometimes works in strange situations.

You’ll want to explore as much of the environment as possible. Waiting for you lie many collectibles for you to find, including, but not limited to, figments, emotional baggage, PSI challenge cards, and memory vaults. You’ll want to get as much experience as possible because you’ll be rewarded for your diligence with upgrades to your psychokinetic abilities and cool cosmetic alterations.

You should also know that you can revisit missions as you progress through the story to gain access to more areas with new powers. Use that wall jump and your other abilities to succeed in Psychonauts 2. Make your team proud.