Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Pre-order Guide – Versions, Retailer Bonuses, and More

Make sure to grab your copy before the release date.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Image via Nintendo

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is on the way, launching on July 29 to the Nintendo Switch, ahead of its previous September 2022 release window. If you want to ensure you’re jumping into the game on day one, you’ll want to make sure you pre-ordered your copy of the game. You can pre-order it from multiple places. In this guide, we will cover all of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pre-order options to break down the versions, retailer bonuses, and much more.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Pre-order Guide

Standard version

The standard version for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will give you the base game experience. You can pick up the pre-orders from various sources listed below. We do not have any additional bonuses associated with any specific location, so you can choose your preferred retailer to grab the Xenoblade 3 to make sure you can get it on day one.

Collector’s Edition

There is an offered Collector’s Edition for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In it, you’ll receive a 250-page full-color concept book and Colletor’s Edition packaging piece done by Masatsugu Saito, who worked on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Fire Emblem Heroes. You’ll also receive a steel case for the game card.

Image via Nintendo

The Collector’s Edition version will only be available through the My Nintendo Store. You’ll need to head to the Collector’s Edition page and enter your email address to show your interest. It does not look like you can submit your pre-order credentials for this version, but more details about this will likely be available in the future, closer to the game’s release date on July 29.

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