How to wear the hospital gown in Deep Rock Galactic

Dress for the job you failed.

Image via Ghost Ship Games

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Season 2 in Deep Rock Galactic brought a whole bunch of new stuff to pull from the mines with your dwarven squad, from weapons to cosmetics to special events. But the most important addition is, of course, the comfy new outfit you get whenever you return to base in less-than-optimal shape: the hospital gown.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Now whenever you wake up from a disastrous mission in the Med Bay, you’ll be wearing this (slightly revealing) blue gown. Not just any failed mission will do, though. In order to be sent to the Med Bay you’ll need to fail a mission by being knocked unconscious. Aborting a mission manually won’t do the trick. This means you’ll need to either let some enemies hit you until you go down, or fall from dangerous heights a few times.

After you wake up, you can have fun dancing around and playing Barrel Ball in the Space Rig all you want. If you’re careful though, you can also bring the gown along on your next mission. To do this, you’ll need to make sure to avoid using any terminals before you leave for the mines. Unsurprisingly, opening the Wardrobe will revert your character to their standard outfit, but even seemingly unrelated stations like the Forge and the Pickaxe Customization terminal will do the same.

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