How to whack mobsters in BitLife

What’s the best method?

Image via Candywriter

When you need to eliminate a mobster in your mafia, you’re going to have the option to do it yourself or have other members of your family do it for you in BitLife. Most of the time, it’s going to be better to get the job done yourself to know you did every correctly, and you hid your tracks. For those attempting to complete the Goodfellas challenge, you’ll need to remove five of them from your family to complete the challenge.

When you’re looking to eliminate so many mafia members, you have to be careful about it. Taking care of them immediately when you enter the family can be a bit risky. When you choose to whack a member of your mafia, you typically cover up your evidence pretty well, making it harder for others to figure it out. However, the police, and your mafia family, could figure out. A good way to make sure you’re not accused and eliminated yourself is to have a high relationship with all of the mafia members, and you’re high up in the organization. You can start doing it when you become an underboss, which means you’re overseeing everything for the head of the family.

You can choose to whack any member of your mafia family by going to the mafia occupation screen, viewing your co-workers, and choosing to whack them. It’s sometimes better to do this when they’re accused of being the rat because then everyone will want to see them gone anyway.

It can be tricky to figure out when to best go with this course of action. Again, check your relationship with the other mafia members, the person’s relationship within the mafia, and if you can convince others of that person of being the rat.