How to win a basketball championship in BitLife

How do you come out as the winner?

Image via Candywriter

Each of the sports in BitLife features championships that your character and their team can participate in and potentially win. These championships pit the best teams against each other to see who comes out on top, and winning these competitions is no easy feat. This guide breaks down what you can do to win a basketball championship in BitLife.

These championships are team-based. Even though your character is the best player in the league, the team needs to be ranked pretty high. We’re going to recommend you have a team that is among one of the top three choices. Once you’re on that team, you’ll need to wait for a championship. These championships happen randomly, so you’ll have to wait for one to kick off. There’s always the option to age your character up and close down the BitLife application to try and force the championship to appear. You may want to do this as your character reaches an older age.

Once a championship happens, it’ll be you and your team versus the rest of them. You’ll have a higher chance of winning that championship by having a stronger team. You’ll want to make sure your character regularly improves their skills, trains, and remains healthy throughout their basketball career to have the best shot of being a worthy asset to the team during the competition.