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Image via Respawn Entertainment

How to win as Catalyst in Apex Legends – Best tips and strategies to win

A defensive character that helps teammates' Ultimates shine.

Apex Legends fans are incredibly lucky be given a character like Catalyst. Her movement revolves around the use of ferrofluid, allowing Catalyst to build structures that either protect teammates or leave opponents at a major disadvantage. Although listed as a Defensive Legend, she has already proven to be excellent at supporting damaged squad members and even rushing the strongest enemies ahead. Here are what we believe to be the best strategies when needing a victory as Catalyst.

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Catalyst’s Passive is the best ability for buying time

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As a Passive, Barricade is not nearly as flashy as the Legend’s other abilities — but it can be a lifesaver. The move enables Catalyst to have an additional button prompt when near doorways in order to rebuild and reinforce them, essentially making it twice as difficult for opponents to break. Best of all, you can utilize up to two Barricades on the battlefield at all times, and the Passive does not have a cooldown. That does mean the first Barricade you place will evaporate once two others are created, but don’t underestimate its potential.

While your squad is short on health, you should head to the nearest small building and fortify its front and back entrance. Even if enemies are directly outside, this will give you at least 10 seconds to regain Shield and Health. It also won’t hurt having Rampant in your squad during these situations. Her Amped Cover Tactical can be placed behind Barricades to ensure enemies cannot crash into buildings guns-blazing, as the wall blocks all incoming gunfire.

Treat Piercing Spikes like a grenade

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Some abilities end up being used for reasons far beyond their intentions, and Piercing Spikes is a prime example of this. It takes the form of a throwable, sharp trap which damages and slows enemies that come in contact with it. Catalyst is even capable of dropping three of these at a time until she is met by a 24-second cooldown timer.

Of course, most are likely to place down the Tactical behind doors and on stairs to catch enemies off guard. While that’s not a bad idea, Piercing Spikes undoubtedly succeeds at the highest degree when treated like a grenade, as you can throw the trap as far as 85 meters out. Thus, if you have distant enemies running toward you, chuck Piercing Spikes directly at them to immediately gain the upper hand in the initial moments of a battle. It is also worth noting that Catalyst can remove and reposition Piercing Spikes when near it, so you shouldn’t have to wait for the cooldown to end to make up for poor throws.

Dark Veil can be unstoppable when paired with other Ultimates

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Dark Veil may just be the best Ultimate to be introduced into the battle royale since Seer’s Exhibit. The ability is a massive and wide permeable wall of ferrofluid that briefly blinds and slows enemies that go through it. Most notably, no Legend is able to see through the wall or use their scans to locate anyone behind it, thankfully leaving opponents’ Seers and Bloodhounds powerless.

The Ultimate offers an expansive range of wonderful tactics, though the greatest is surely when offensive teammates use their own Ultimates behind it. Take Wattson’s Perimeter Security, for example. As enemies cannot see what awaits them beyond the wall, the teammate using Wattson should set the Tactical directly behind it to instantly shock and damage those who pass through. Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball also makes for a great pairing here, as the explosive ball can roll to the other side and catch opponents by surprise.

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Dark Veil may sound as if its benefits only aid in close-combat situations, but there’s more than meets the eye. Catalyst should also look to summon the wall when finding herself in the midst of a heated sniping battle. This will let you continuously pop in and out from behind Dark Veil to leave opponents guessing as to where to aim next. However, bullets from any Legend can go through the wall, so be sure to pop out from different spots each time.

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