All of Catalyst’s abilities in Apex Legends

The Legend gives Apex players quick getaways and damaging traps.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Catalyst follows in the footsteps of Newcastle, becoming the latest defensive character to arrive in Apex Legends. However, her moveset is dramatically different from any other in the category. Instead of using shields and barriers, the Season 15 Legend is an expert wielder of ferrofluid, a liquid capable of morphing into a range of different structures. Best of all, each of the ferrofluid forms help Catalyst escape heated situations versus almost any other character. This guide will break down each of Catalyst’s abilities and how they can lead you to become an Apex Games champion. 

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Catalyst’s full moveset in Apex Legends

Catalyst is an excellent Legend to use when mainly looking to gain distance from opponents. That is because her moveset is centered around creating blockades and traps that either slow enemies or weaken the effects of their own abilities. She even holds a Tactical that has the potential of damaging an entire squad — so long as it is used wisely.

Passive ability: Barricade

The Barricade Passive gives Catalyst users an additional button prompt to rebuild and reinforce doors with her ferrofluid liquid. This results in doors being twice as difficult to break open for opponents, though teammates are able to access these doors with ease at any time. Be forewarned: doors affected by Barricade are still highly vulnerable to Rampant’s Mobile Minigun and Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball. 

Tactical ability: Piercing Spikes

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Catalyst is able to turn her terraforming liquid into a wide trap with the Piercing Spikes Tactical ability. Opponents who make contact with the trap will be damaged and slowed, but Catalyst is able to walk on it without taking in any of its effects. However, enemies can destroy the Tactical by firing at its center core from close range. 

Ultimate ability: Dark Veil

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Dark Veil takes the shape of a towering, permeable wall of ferrofluid which briefly slows and blinds enemies that cross through it. During its 30-second duration, the structure blocks any and all scans that are activated on the other side, including Seer’s and Bloodhound’s tracking abilities. As promising as it is, Legends such as Octane and Valkyrie can leap over Dark Veil and avoid its effects with their Ultimates.

Who is Catalyst in Apex Legends?

Aside from her powers, Catalyst’s backstory alone makes her a significant addition to the battle royale. The Legend is detailed as being a citizen of Cleo, but players will soon come to know this location mainly as Broken Moon, the newest Battle Royale map to come in Season 15: Eclipse. Additionally, Catalyst’s own episode of Stories from the Outlands has revealed her to be the game’s first trans woman playable character, as a touching conversation dispels her transition and the emotional effects it had on her in the past.