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How to win at Summoner’s Court in Hogwarts Legacy

A little friendly wizarding competition never hurt.

Classes in Hogwarts Legacy aren’t always purely about studying. Though most lectures will teach you important lessons about spellcasting, some will task you with implementing what you’ve learned through enjoyable minigames. One of the first minigames you’ll encounter within the magical school is the Summoner’s Court, which can be accessed through your first Charms class with Professor Ronen. So fire up that competitive spirit because we’ll be showing you how to win at this particular contest.

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How to defeat Summoner’s Court opponents in Hogwarts Legacy

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To win at Summoner’s Court, you will need to position yourself at an unobstructed spot that gives you a clear view of your ball. Then, we recommend holding down the Accio button until your ball reaches the 30 point green field. Once it reaches the initial part of the green field, immediately release your spellcasting trigger to slow the ball’s momentum. This will almost always lead to your ball reaching the 50 point blue field, which is what you want each time you step up to the plate.

Summoner’s Court is all about positioning and timing, which means you will always need to give yourself a clear line of sight while timing your releases right to reach the 50 point blue field during your turn. Though it may not be easy the first few times around, you’ll be able to master it with enough practice. Your first Summoner’s Court side quest that features a match with Leander Prewett is a great situation to train in since you can repeat it as many times as you want.

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It’s important to remember, though, that the match against Prewett won’t be as simple as your very first game against Natsai Onai. This is because the side quest match will feature more obstacles, which means you’ll have to put yourself in the right spots while timing your Accio spellcast just right to avoid the blockers in order to reach the blue field.

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