How to prevent chest gear from being deleted in Hogwarts Legacy

Remember, it’s the gear that makes the wizard.

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Unopened chests litter the winding halls found within Hogwarts Legacy. Often, these containers carry a variety of resources, such as gold coins and valuable gear that you can use to strengthen your character. Unfortunately, there will be times when you open a chest only to be greeted with a message that says, “your gear slots are full.” As the chest has already been unlocked, it will no longer close back up again, which technically deletes the loot inside. If this is something you’ve experienced, here’s how to prevent it.

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How to avoid losing gear from chests in Hogwarts Legacy

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In order to avoid losing gear from unopened chests, you will need to make sure that you have an empty slot within your inventory. This will immediately allow you to acquire the loot within and will also prevent the dreaded error message from popping up.

If you’re in a hurry to free up slots, we recommend selling some of your less valuable loot instead of completely destroying it to not waste any precious gold coins.

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Alternatively, you can also complete a specific number of Merlin Trials instead in order to increase the number of inventory slots that you have. You will be granted these extra spaces once you’ve finished four, six, and 10 trials, respectively.

This can frequently be a troubling issue since you never know what kind of gear you’ll be able to get with each opened chest. So now that you know what causes this issue, you’ll need to start being more mindful of your gear inventory unless you want to lose the prized Legendary gear that these containers may hold within.