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How to win Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends – Best tips and strategies

Don't think like a Legend, think like a team player.

Apex Legends’ Team Deathmatch mode is a very different beast from its core Battle Royale game mode. However, there is some crossover since both require you to work with a team of Legends. This guide offers up a few of the best tips and strategies we have for winning as matches of Team Deathmatch as possible.

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Don’t worry about which Legend you pick

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It doesn’t really matter which Legend you pick to play as in Team Deathmatch. The game mode presents you with set loadouts of weapons, so each Legend’s abilities don’t play into the match as much as they do in Battle Royale. With that said, if you have a favorite Legend you prefer playing as for their passive abilities, then you should pick them. You want to be as comfortable as possible when playing because you’ll need to move quickly to avoid being killed and racking up the enemy’s score.

Pick a good piece of cover and dig in

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The maps in Team Deathmatch are designed to pull you in and trap you in small, close-quarters arenas with your enemies. Don’t fall for this. There’s plenty of cover around each map for you to use to your advantage, no matter how small it is. If you can find a decent bit of cover where you can see enemies coming over a vantage point or one near a path that gets a lot of player traffic, you’ll rack up kills in no time.

Back up your teammates

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While you don’t need to keep up with your teammates in Team Deathmatch as much as you do in Battle Royale mode, it’s worth your while to keep other players on your team alive. You can get decimated very quickly if you split up and dash around the map, making it easy for the enemy to pick you off individually. Pick another player and follow them so you can work as a team to kill any enemies you encounter with more bullets than they can deal with.

Pick the loadout that fits your playstyle

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There are various loadouts to pick from when playing Team Deathmatch. Some may be better than others overall, but it all comes down to your prowess with the weapons in those loadouts. If you’re better with long range weapons, pick a long range loadout, and follow the same pattern for all the others.

Use Care Packages as traps

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Care Packages frequently drop in this game mode, but you don’t have to rush to them to get a decent weapon. We’ve found that the best way to use Care Packages is to move to a spot where you can see one from behind some cover. Then, wait for your enemies to approach it in search of a new weapon and kill them. While you may benefit from the weapons these Care Packages bring, it’s more likely that someone will kill you while you try to get one. Turn these helpful events into advantages for your team.

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Heal to full every chance you get

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You have unlimited healing items in Team Deathmatch. If you get shot and only just make it to cover, heal up immediately. Each time we killed an enemy or ended an encounter, we found some cover and healed. This puts you in the best position possible for your next battle. There’s no sense in running around with low health because you can give yourself an advantage over players who may not prioritize healing as much as you do.

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