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How to craft ally banners in Apex Legends

Become the best teammate ever.

In Apex Legends’ Season 16, players received some very interesting buffs for each Legend class. In the past, supports in Apex have always been a bit lackluster; however, the ability to craft ally respawn banners will surely make them stand out. Ever wondered what could happen if you could have revived the teammate that you didn’t pick up the ally banner for? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore, since you can simply craft their banner now. Here is how you can craft ally respawn banners in Apex Legends. 

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How to craft ally respawn banners in Apex Legends

Players can craft ally banners in Apex Legends at the Replicator using crafting materials. Keep in mind though that not every legend can do this. Only characters that have the Support class can craft ally respawn banners at the Replicator in Apex Legends. Here is the list of Support class legends that can do this:

  • Lifeline
  • Gibraltar
  • Loba
  • Newcastle
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To craft an ally respawn banner in Apex Legends, just approach a Replicator, as you would normally when crafting armor or weapons, and select the Banners option in the upper left corner.

You can craft the banners for the cheap price of 30 crafting materials. Even if you only want one or two banners, the cost will always be the same. Combining the ability to craft ally banners with mobile respawn beacons makes Support classes an extremely good choice for the battle royale. Though you need to remember that all the classes have gotten new abilities, as Controllers, for example, can access ring consoles to see where the circle will go in the future. Thus, you’ll need to make a smart choice based on your playstyle.

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