How to win the Ring Hexathlon show in Fall Guys

Stay on top.

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Ring Hexathlon is a show in Fall Guys that features Hex-A-Ring, a round that will require you to stay on top of a rotating ring covered in disappearing hexagons. You will be going up against 15 other people in three elimination rounds, with the last one standing to earn the crown. This is a mode that can be pretty challenging, especially for newcomers that do not know what to expect. Here are some tips to help you stay in the game in Ring Hexathlon in Fall Guys.

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How to win Ring Hexathlon in Fall Guys

Ring Hexathlon is a mode in Fall Guys that can be pretty stressful for newcomers. The first thing we would recommend for anyone struggling with it is to relax, especially in the first two rounds. Because the show has three rounds starting out with 16 people, the first two rounds go really fast. The first round ends after four people fall off and the second round after three.

We have seen these rounds last as short as five seconds because people don’t pay attention to where they are going and walk off, or they set their controller down and just get pushed off. For the first two rounds, just make sure you are at the top of the ring and wait for the less observant players to fall.

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The third and final round is where the stress comes in. As the rounds go on, the length of the rotating ring is cut down, so you won’t have as much real estate to run around on top of playing against other players that are good enough to get here. We recommend staying closer to the front of the ring for this round.

As people stay on, the ring will speed up and can be difficult to stay on if you are hanging back, especially with people in front of you taking hexagons away. This will allow you to catch up to your place on the ring if you hit any snags and eliminate walking space for anyone trailing behind you. Just be sure you are paying attention to any gaps in your path. Also, only jump when you absolutely need to. It will slow you down and make you fall further back as the ring rotates.