How to win with Omen in Valorant – tips and strategies


Image via Riot Games

A ghost of his own memories, Omen exists in the shadows, hunting enemy agents with stealth and surprise. Being one of the more aggressive controllers, Omen can play mind-games and keep players guessing about his whereabouts, instilling an element of paranoia purely by existing in a round of Valorant. Looking for a stealth agent that values precision and maneuverability? Omen was made just for you.

The hidden controller

Due to Omen’s status as a controller, your first goal is to assist your team by using your Dark Cover smokes to deny sightlines and allow for easy access to the objective. Omen is quite unique, though, as he will always have at least one Dark Cover on a cooldown timer, allowing you to deploy multiple clouds of smoke in a single round. Listen for your teammate’s calls and use Omen’s Dark Cover view to deploy smokes anywhere that is desired on a map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once your Dark Cover smokes are down, you can then become your own entry. Where most controllers value going in at the same time as their team and supporting them on the way, Omen can pull off some sneaky solo plays that will keep the enemy questioning both your and your team’s whereabouts. Due to the silent deployment of Omen’s Dark Cover, try sitting in one of your smoke clouds while it is deployed to try and catch an unsuspecting enemy that tries to push in or out while your cover is deployed.

Make them paranoid

Despite holding the controller title, Omen can prove to be an excellent lurker due to his teleportation abilities. After deploying your smokes, try using your Shrouded Step teleport to an unsuspecting angle or high ground point to surprise anyone that enters your field of view completely. Also, remember to use your From the Shadows ultimate to teleport to any location on the map. This ultimate can be useful for entry and repositioning, making the enemy look for you while your team attacks or defends.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final key to mastering Omen is using his Paranoia blind ability to cut off enemy vision and sound completely. If your team plans on going into a site fast, this ability can travel forward and catch enemies in its grasp, forcing them to reposition or fight against the odds. Paranoia can also be used in one-on-one situations to give yourself the immediate advantage in a gunfight. Patience and smart play are essential to using Omen, and once mastered, you will keep the other team turning their heads every couple of seconds.