How Topgolf works in PGA Tour 2K23

Playing golf in a new way.

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PGA Tour 2K23 is the second installment of the re-branded simulation golf franchise from HB Studios and 2K. This game comes with a brand new mode, entitled Topgolf. If the name sounds familiar, it probably should. Topgolf has become a rather popular phenomenon in recent years among golf fans, thanks to its ease of access and excitement factor. If you’re new to Topgolf, you’re probably wondering how it works in 2K23. Let’s go over what you need to know, including the format and tips on how to get points.

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How to play Topgolf in PGA Tour 2K23

The goal of Topshot is simple: to get more points than the other players. In order to do that, you’ll need to know how points in Topgolf are awarded.

Topgolf games consist of 10 shot rounds. In each round, players in PGA Tour 2K23 are tasked with hitting golf balls at targets strewn around a range. Hit a target, and receive points. Targets that are farther away from the tee spot will yield more points than ones that are close.

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Before each hole, you’ll notice that one target will be highlighted in lights. This highlighted target, we should note, changes after each hole. Should you hit the target that is highlighted, you will receive 2x as many points. After hitting a highlighted target, the bonus multiplier will go to 3x. However, failing to hit that highlighted one in succession will result in the multiplier boost being reset back 2x.

Make sure to use all of the golf clubs in your bag, in order to maximize performance. Remember, drivers and woods are the go-to clubs for hitting the targets that are the farthest. Irons and wedges are ideal for hitting the shorter targets.