How to visit a giant throne as Doctor Doom in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Fit for a king.


Doctor Doom, just like all the other hero skins in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass, has some special Awakening Challenges that you will need to complete to get access to his built-in emote. These emotes add a lot of character to the skins and are a fun addition to the game. You will need to finish these challenges while wearing the Doctor Doom skin.

To unlock Doctor Doom, you will need to hit level 67 on the Battle Pass, and you will get access to his Awakening Challenges at Level 74. There are three challenges, and one of them is to visit a giant throne as Doctor Doom.

We only know of one giant throne on the map, and you can find it in the hills to the southeast of Retail Row. A massive throne of boulders and stones rests upon the hills with some trees behind it. You can even find some loot chests there, so you can grab some weapons while you are at it. You don’t need to do anything special — just visiting this landmark is enough to finish up the challenge.

All the heroes in the game this season have Awakening Challenges that will unlock a built-in emote that performs some for of special function. Tony Stark can change into Iron Man, Jennifer Walters can turn into She-Hulk, and Doctor Doom will cause a massive Iron Throne to appear for him to sit on when you earn a Victory Royale.

Even though the Doctor Doom Awakening Challenges are on the last tier on the Battle Pass, there is more to be done. There are secret Silver, Gold, and Holo Foil skins that you can unlock after you finish the main Battle Pass.