How to get the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver, and God Rolls – Destiny 2

Don’t forget a snappy salute.

Destiny 2

The Officer Revolver can be gotten by upgrading the Seraph Bunker on to level 3. This will then allow you to get a bounty from Rasputin that, when completed, will reward you with the Officer Revolver. The weapon will drop with a random roll, so you may need to grind the bounty to get what you would consider to be a God Roll. 

The Officer Revolve has the following stats:

  • Precision Frame
  • Impact – 78
  • Stability – 57
  • Range – 25
  • Handling – 37
  • Reload Speed – 54
  • Aim Assistance – 68
  • Zoom – 14
  • Recoil – 84
  • Rounds per minute – 180
  • Magazine size – 9

If you are playing PvP and want a great role for this weapon, there are some definite perks you should be hoping to see when the weapon drops. Smallbore will give a range and stability increase, while Tactical Mag will give a further stability increase, improve reload speed, and increase magazine size. Threat Detector will improve handling, stability, and reload speed when enemies are close. The last column is a coin toss between Feeding Frenzy and Vorpal Weapon. I am leaning towards Vorpal Weapon to be able to shut down Guardians using their super, which is always fun.

For PvE, it would be mostly the same, as the increase stats will all go a long way to help you land shots, or keep firing, but for the final perk, you would probably be aiming for either Vorpal Weapon or Timed Payload. Vorpal Weapon will do work against a boss, while Timed Payload will up your DPS, and should give you a great chance to stagger Unstoppable enemies, which is a solid bonus.

It is an entertaining weapon, but 180 RPM Hand Cannons can be quite divisive, and people will either love how they feel or hate them. While the increased fire rate is fantastic, the way it feels and the recoil pattern can feel odd if you are not used to them, but this one is worth experimenting with.