How to get the In Lockstep trophy in Final Fantasy VII Remake

With this guide you can “Bypass the delta-level security lock in Mako Reactor 5.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a trophy in it that will require you to open multiple locks with Cloud and Barret at the same time. The trophy description reads, “Bypass the delta-level security lock in Mako Reactor 5.” These locks can be found in Chapter 7 while you are in Make Reactor 5.

After disposing of several different parts of the machine in the Mako Reactor 5, you will reach a lever puzzle to open up a door. Once opened, you can go outside and continue with the main quest. At this point, your objective should read “Storm the Gates,” and your area should be the Front Gate in the Security Ops. When you mess with the keyboard next to the big door in the room, Barret will ask if this is a treasure vault. After all three characters agree to open it, you will enter into the discovery quest, Waste Recovery. You will need to bypass three more lock puzzles named Alpha, Beta, and Delta.

Walk to the lever on the right side of the console. After a short cutscene, it will be agreed that Cloud and Barrett need to follow Tifa’s lead when unlocking the door. You will control when and in what direction Cloud and Barrett will pull their levers with the left and right stick and need to sync up with Tifa’s levers. She will count down when you need to move the levers. Do it any sooner or later than her, or in the wrong direction, and you will fail the minigame. Don’t worry, though; you can fail multiple times and still earn the trophy. If you want to, you can move once the arrows on the console turn orange, but the audio cue is probably easier to follow.

First, Tifa will move the left lock down and the right lock up. Copy this movement with your thumbsticks to pass the Alpha lock.

Second, she will move both locks up. Again, copy her movements after she counts down, and you will pass the Beta level security.

Finally, Tifa will move the left lock up and the right lock down. If you time it right, the Delta-level security will be cleared, and the disposal room will be opened. If you had messed up any of the lever pulls, Barrett will quip about Cloud being a soldier with no rhythm.

After the quick cutscene ends, the trophy will unlock, and you can walk into the room and grab an orb of Magic Up materia. Look at that, a trophy and materia for your efforts.