Ironworks Vendor location in The Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Head on over to the Gold Saucer!

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s an Ironworks Vendor that you can find in The Gold Saucer during Final Fantasy XIV Online’s A Nocturne For Heroes 2021 event. If you participated in the 2019 version of the event, you’ll be pretty familiar with the quests you need to complete throughout it, and you might even still have several of the rewards. However, for those looking to turn in your MGP for exclusive rewards, you’ll need to find the Ironworks Vendor. They only accept MGP for any of their items.

The vendor can be found in the Gold Saucer, on the west side of the building. You’ll find it in the Entrance Square area, on the lower levels. You’ll be able to notice them stand out against the other characters, as they’re going to be the ones in the iconic Ironworks outfit.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You should be able to speak to them after completing all three of the A Nocture for Heroes 2021 quests, which are The Man in Black, In the Dark of Night, and Messenger of the Winds. You’ll be teaming up with Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, who has somehow found their way into Final Fantasy XIV, along with a handful of enemies from his dimension.

These are all of the items featured on the Ironworks Vendor.

  • Regalia Type-G Title: 200,000 MGP
  • Modern Aesthetics – Lucian Locks: 20,000 MGP
  • Noctis Lucis Caeum Card: 10,000 MGP

The A Nocturne for Heroes event will be available from September 13 to October 18.