Is Beat Saber on PSVR 2? Answered

Can you slash your way into a rhythm on the PSVR 2?

Beat Saber

Image via Beat Games

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Virtual Reality (VR) fans can’t get enough of Beat Saber, the slicing-and-dicing rhythm game where players use neon swords to slice through boxes. The title has become one of the biggest VR successes, with people loving the addicting gameplay motions and stylish aesthetics. Fans are dying to know if they can play Beat Saber on Sony’s PlayStation VR 2. The game was available on the original PlayStation VR, released in 2019, but that’s not a guarantee that the title will be coming onto the VR 2.

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Is Beat Saber playable on the PlayStation VR2?

Image via Sony

Besides the original PSVR, Beat Saber was also released on the HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Valve Index. The game can be purchased for the PlayStation 4, but the PSVR headset is a requirement. The PSVR 2 is only compatible with the PlayStation 5, but the PS5 can play most digital copies of PS4 games you purchase at the PlayStation Store.

However, PlayStation’s senior vice president of platform experiences, Hideaki Nishino, confirmed that the PSVR 2 is not backward compatible. That means you can not play games for the original PSVR on your new VR 2, including the original release of Beat Saber on the PSVR.

Beat Saber is also now owned by Oculus Studios, a competitor to Sony in the virtual reality market, making some fans worry that Oculus Studios won’t allow Beat Saber to be released on hardware outside Oculus. Fortunately, Beat Games studios and Sony have cited that Beat Saber will be coming to the PSVR 2 at some point.

Beat Saber was not a launch title for the PSVR 2, and at the time of this writing, is still not available on the new VR hardware. We will update you when the game does release on the hardware. Follow Sony and the official Beat Saber Twitter account to stay tuned for when Beat Saber arrives on the PSVR 2. It’s unknown what version of Beat Saber will come on the PSVR 2, with fans theorizing that a Beat Saber 2 could release on VR 2.