Is Fallout 76 down? How to check the Fallout 76 server status

Are the servers okay?

Image via Bethesda

Fallout 76 has been receiving periodic updates over the years that have kept the game feeling like new. These updates have added new stories, allies, weapons, and more to the game. Of course, each time these updates go live, the servers need to be shut down for maintenance to make sure everything goes according to plan. When the servers are down, you will get a consistent error code that won’t let you get past the title screen. Here is everything you need to know about checking the Fallout 76 server status.

How to check the Fallout 76 server status

If you are trying to access the Fallout 76 servers for today’s update, February 28, 2023, then yes, the servers are currently down and have been for quite some time. Bethesda released an official statement about the servers going down in the morning but has since not given an update on the matter. This is due to server maintenance for the update adding mutations as well as season 12 The Cryptic Hunt.

The server status is constantly being updated on the official Bethesda website. This is the number one area where you should go to determine whether the servers are live or not. If the servers aren’t live, you will see a red X or wrench symbol next to the game’s logo on the list. A wrench symbol shows that the server is currently undergoing maintenance. When the servers become available, this symbol will change to a green dot with a checkmark giving you the all-clear to enter the game.

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You can also check the official Bethesda Support Twitter page for more information about the outages and server maintenance status. The tweets made by this account are reposted to the official Fallout Twitter page as well. Both pages are great sources to learn about the latest outages as well as get insight into patch notes.