Is Knockout City free-to-play?

To put it simply, no — but there’s a “but” after that.

Image via EA Originals and Velan Studios

Knockout City, the latest multiplayer title from EA and Velan Studios, seems like a blast. Unlike many other titles of its genre, it isn’t free-to-play, but there is an option to check it out for nothing if you’re quick enough.

A free trial run

For the first ten days of its release, Knockout City will be free to check out for everyone on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch via its block party event. From May 21 to May 30, you can check out Knockout City’s dodgeball mayhem.

What does the free trial include?

The free trial includes everything in the base game. During this designated “block party,” you’ll be able to team up with friends and finish crew contracts with them. You’ll have access to the full game with all its modes and custom gear. It also features crossplay, so you’ll be able to play with whoever you want wherever they play. With the failed launch of another multiplayer EA Original in 2020’s Rocket Arena, it’s no surprise Velan Studios wants to get Knockout City in as many hands as possible.

What does the purchased version of Knockout City include?

As an incentive, if you want to buy the game during the game’s free period, you’ll gain access to the following:

  • Cyber Spike epic outfit
  • Locked Horns epic hairstyle
  • LED the Way epic glasses
  • Mach 1 epic glider
  • Calling In Reinforcements epic intro pose
  • By the Horns epic KO effect
  • Bomb Ball, Pixel-Dillo, and Noodles Gone Bad player icons
  • 500 Holobux, the game’s in-game currency

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber on either the consoles or the PC, you’ll be able to gain access to it through the service whenever you’d like.

Image via EA Originals and Velan Studios