Is Knockout City free-to-play?

Year 2 will start with a bang for Knockout City.

Image via EA Originals and Velan Studios

Knockout City has long been a paid game under publisher EA, but as ownership is being shifted to the developer Velan Studios, will the game be free-to-play? Here are all the details we know so far.

Can you play Knockout City for free?

Fortunately, Knockout City will be going free-to-play on all systems when it starts its second year of content on June 1. Those who purchased the game before the transition will gain a Loyalty Royalty Bundle. It will include five style chips, a six pack of the Season 6 energy drink, a gold plated outfit, a gold plated WooHoo taunt, a gold plated Chonky legendary player icon, XP boosts, and 2,000 Holobux.

Despite being less accessible due to its price, Knockout City has been able to reach the major milestone of five million players across the world. That will likely jump up when Knockout City goes free-to-play.

“We want to go free-to-play for one key reason,” said executive producer David Nathanielsz in the One Year Anniversary dev diary. “We believe there are lots and lots of people who haven’t yet experienced how fun the game is.”

The developer Velan Studios has said they’ve learned a lot since the game has released and will be implementing that into the free-to-play format.

“As we move into Year 2 and we’ve got feedback from the community, it’s fueling us to want to make deeper, more compelling stories,” said narrative director Eric Feurstein.

As each season passes, there’s an intriguing story element like the introduction of Zero in Season 3 and an alien attack while the Season 4 trailer is playing. Hopefully, the narrative element evolves as Knockout City goes free-to-play next month.

Feurstein has teased what’s coming up in the future. “Everything intersects with everything, and it’s going to get weird,” he said with a laugh. Knockout City is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.