Is Need for Speed Unbound an open-world game?

Free to explore?

Image via EA

The latest installment of EA’s Need for Speed franchise, Need for Speed Unbound, was officially released in December 2022. The current-gen racing game brings new some new twists to the franchise, like different graphics and a campaign that features a collaboration from the hip-hop world. With open-world games becoming much more common in gaming, you might be wondering whether Unbound is one itself. If you’re wondering, we can answer that question.

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Is Need for Speed Unbound open-world?

Yes, Need for Speed Unbound is an open-world game. Need for Speed includes a free-roam map, and many of the events that pop up can either be entered, or can wait for later.

Need for Speed Unbound features a large map, with Lakeshore City being the cornerstone of the world in which the game takes place. Here’s a look at the map for Unbound:

Image via EA

Players in Need for Speed Unbound will have full range to explore Lakeshore City and the surrounding areas. Now, there is a single-player campaign in Unbound, as well as online play. Both feature the same, free-roam map.

Lakeshore City is full of different racing opportunities, including traditional races, Drift competitions, and Takeover events that will test one’s true skills in Unbound. Additionally, players will be notified of side missions that are available from time to time. For each, you will need to drive to each opportunity in order to begin either races and missions, as well as to find collectibles that are found throughout the Unbound map.