Is Noivern good and how to best use it in Pokémon Go

Should you add Noivern to your roster?

Image via Niantic

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Noivern is one of the many Pokémon you can add to your collection in Pokémon Go. Players who catch the starting form of this elusive Dragon-type Pokémon, Noibat, might wonder if the final evolution, Noivern, has any reasonable use outside of filling out their PokéDex. There are multiple factors to consider if you want to use Noivern on your team. Here’s what you need to know about if Noivern is good and how to best use it in Pokémon Go.

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How to best use Noivern in Pokémon Go

Noivern is a Flying and Dragon-type Pokémon. It will be weak against other Dragon-type attacks, as well as Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type moves, but it is resistant against Bug, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ground, and Water-type attacks. You primarily want to use Noivern to counter any of the generic Pokémon types you encounter in a battle, and you want to keep in mind it’s going to be weak to the standard Dragon-type weaknesses, alongside Rock-types, given it’s a Flying-type. In addition, it won’t have the Electric-type resistance and receives normal damage from these moves.

Unfortunately, what makes Noivern a Pokémon players typically don’t use is its moveset. You have to pick between Air Slash and Bite for the fast moves, and for charged attacks, you have Boomburst, Draco Meteor, Heat Wave, Hurricane, and Psychic. Many of these charged attacks require a lot of energy, and the only move that Noivern can readily use that can get close to supporting that much energy output is Air Slash, which provides three energy per turn and does three damage per turn. Overall, it’s a minor move that many are going to struggle to use, making Noivern a lackluster Pokémon.

Even the addition of Boomburst, a Normal-type charged attack given to it during its Community Day doesn’t help it. If anything, it further enforces Noivern needs a better fast move to turn it into a superior choice, making it more of a suitable option for the Pokémon Battle League or even in raids.

Is Noivern good?

When it comes down to if you should be using Noivern, our recommendation is against this Pokémon. There are better Flying and Dragon-type Pokémon for you to pick from, and by adding Boomburst to its overall moveset, Noivern is a disappointing Pokémon with decent stats and lackluster attacks. If it had access to better fast moves and stronger charged attacks that did not require as much energy, there would be more buzz around it in Pokémon Go.