Is Precipice Blade good in Pokémon Go?

Is this an attack you want to teach to Groudon?

Image via Niantic

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Precipice Blade is in Pokémon Go and will be an exclusive move for Groudon to learn. This is one of the more powerful attacks for this legendary Pokémon, and it can be added to this Pokémon’s unique moveset. You’ll want to compare this attack to the others Groudon can learn before you add it to this Pokémon’s already robust moveset. Here’s what you need to know about if Precipice Blade is good in Pokémon and if you should teach it to Groudon.

Should you teach Precipice Blade to Groudon in Pokémon Go?

Precipice Blade is a Ground-type move. When you use it in battle, this attack does 130 damage, both in PvP encounters and PvE. The damage is considerable, but it all comes down to the energy you must build up before using it, which can make or break an attack.

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Much like Origin Pulse, Precipice Blade also requires 60 energy. This is excellent for an attack that does 130 damage, but we’ll want to make sure we compare it to the charged attacks Groudon can already use.

Groudon can learn Earthquake, Fire Blast, Fire Punch, and Solar Beam. Earthquake is the usual go-to choice for Groudon, as it does 120 damage and costs 65, but Precipice Blade is a direct improvement over that option, making it the superior choice. Players already don’t use Fire Blast or Solar Beam too often on Groudon, so those options are out, but Fire Punch is a fantastic option for this legendary Pokémon.

When it comes down to it, Precipice Blade is excellent for Groudon, and it’s an immediate improvement of its already great moveset. Teaching your Groudon Precipice Blade should make this Pokémon an even more significant threat than it already was in the Master League and other five-star and Mega raids. You do not want to miss an opportunity for Groudon to learn this superb Ground-type move.