Is Risk of Rain 2 cross platform?

Who can you play the game with right now?

Image via Hopoo Games

Risk of Rain features you playing as one of several different survivors attempting to make their way through an alien world, teleporting from stage to stage through an unknown structure. You’re fighting off aliens, killing gigantic bosses, obtaining bizarre equipment, and you can bring a friend with you along for the ride. You can play the game from a PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Can you play it with your friends across different platforms?

If you’re attempting to hop on from a PC to another console, unfortunately, this is unlikely. Players who own Risk of Rain 2 on their PC receive updates sooner than those on consoles. Because of that, right now, players cannot play across from an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 with someone who has the game on a desktop. The updates are not in sync, and it’s unlikely to happen in the future. Developers Hopoo Games are a small company, so it’s expected they’re not rushing to have the game work across such a diverse series of mediums.

However, cross-platform availability between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players could happen in the future. The console updates are on par with one another, meaning they release at the same time and have similar issues or problems when they do come out. Again, players across these mediums do not have access to it right now. It could happen, but the complexity of it could mean the smaller team at Hopoo Games doesn’t make it a priority. Risk of Rain 2 is technically still in early access. They may want to focus on getting the game fully fleshed out and released before they think about this mechanic.

You can play Risk of Rain 2 with your friends on the same platform, though. You can make a four-player team fight alongside one another, attempting to take on overwhelming odds to make it to the next boss. For those who have already played it plenty of times, you can enhance the game by introducing artifacts. These artifacts modify the strict mechanics of the game, giving a bit more diversity to your run, and the challenges truly start to stack up.