Is Skate (4) free to play? Answered

Skateboarding is for the people.

Image via EA

The next Skate game is in the works, and even though it might be a while before we see it launch, we are learning more and more about what the new title will offer. We also have lots of questions, like whether or not Skate will be free to play. Luckily, that question has an answer already.

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Will Skate be a free-to-play game?

The short answer is yes: Skate will be a free-to-play title on all platforms. Members of the dev team at Full Circle sat down for a new video called The Board Room, in which they made their plans for a free game crystal clear. This is because Skate will be a platform in itself — a single, live-service title that evolves over time. That’s a big reason why it’s not being called “Skate 4,” even if that’s still how many folks refer to it. “We’re in it for the long haul,” creative director Cuz Parry says in the video. “It’s Skate; it’s not Skate 4.” It might take a while for the name to catch on, but at least it’s attached to a free-to-play product.

Will Skate have seasonal content?

The next question is whether or not Skate will have seasonal content, which is of course quite important for any live-service game. The answer here is another big yes. “We have the ambition to keep supporting Skate for years to come,” head of product management Isabelle Mocquard adds. “Our dream is that Skate never ends. We will be actively supporting skate with new gameplay elements and tweaks, new content releases and events, and lots of seasonal drops.” Halloween decorations were seen in the leaked gameplay, to give you an idea of what that seasonal content could include.

Will Skate have microtransactions?

This question has a less definite answer. Full Circle has yet to directly say whether or not microtransactions and other in-game purchases will be a part of the Skate model, though it’s easy to imagine that they will. The studio has said that transparency is important, so at the very least the implementation of such processes should be explained ahead of launch.