Is the Annual Pass for Destiny 2: Lightfall worth it? Answered

Prepare to battle the Witness.

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Before Destiny 2: Lightfall becomes available, you will have the option to grab the Annual Pass for it. You can choose to pre-order this option, giving you multiple rewards and exclusives before the expansion arrives and after. But, given the price tag on the Annual Pass, is it worth it for you to purchase the Annual Pass Destiny 2: Lightfall?

Should you get the Destiny 2: Lightfall Annual Pass?

It all comes down to how much you plan to play Destiny 2. For those who casually go through the game with their friends when a Season arrives, this likely won’t be a good purchase for you. Instead, you will want to make sure you’re spending a bit more time in Destiny 2, and you find yourself working your way through the expansion and Season following Lightfall.

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Now, if you’re someone who takes part in each Destiny 2 season, eagerly trying your hand at the latest raid, or preparing to gear up for any dungeons Bungie drops in, this will be a suitable purchase. The Destiny 2: Lightfall Annual pass comes with the Lightfall expansion when it arrives on February 23, 2023, four of the Season Passes after Lightfall, a Lightfall Dungeon Key, an exotic sparrow, and the Quicksilver Storm Ornament and Catalyst.

By pre-ordering this item, you also receive the Quicksilver Storm exotic auto rifle right now, along with an exclusive emblem, exotic emote, exotic Ghost, and Rahool’s secret stash at the start of each Lightfall Season that comes with an exotic accessory, exotic cipher, and premium upgrade materials.

This would be a suitable purchase for Destiny 2 players who regularly participate in the game’s Seasons after an expansion goes live, especially so far ahead of the game’s release. For anyone who wants to test out the Quicksilver Storm exotic, it’s also a good way to grab it and test it out on your Guardian.