Is There a Palworld App for Mobile Devices?

If you search the app store hoping for Palworld on-the-go, you might come across a Palworld App, but is it for real or just a fake?

Is There a Palworld Mobile App

Image via Pocket Pair

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Anyone who’s spent time with Palworld knows that unsupervised Pals get up to shenanigans. The desire for a quick, on-the-go way to check in on your base has led fans to ask whether there’s a Palworld app.

With the rising popularity of Palworld comes a widespread desire to see the game on as many platforms as possible. And where there’s widespread demand, unfortunately, there will be bad actors ready to take advantage in every way they can. With fake Palworld apps popping up in the app store, we’re here to answer whether the Pallworld app really exists.

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Is There a Palworld App?

Palworld Survival Palworld App Fake
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The Palworld developers took to X to confirm that there is no official Palworld app.

That said, if you search the Apple App Store or Google Play shop, you’ll likely see apps using the name “Palworld” and images related to the game. Unfortunately, these are not authorized apps from PocketPair. At best, these are unauthorized knockoffs; at worst, they may be attempts to steal your information for nefarious purposes.

One such app currently in the Apple App Store is called “PalWorld Survival” and is noted as coming soon, but the listed developer is not PocketPair. Keeping an eye out for inconsistencies like this can help you stay safe from accidentally downloading a fraudulent version of Palworld.

The developer confirms they reported these fake apps to both Apple and Google Play, but removing them may take some time. Therefore, unless PocketPair announces an official app, it’s best to steer clear of anything claiming to be a Palworld app.

Does PocketPair Plan to Make a Palworld Mobile App?

What consoles is Palworld on
Image via Pocket Pair

Given the fact that PocketPair had to make a statement about this at all suggests that fans are eager for a mobile-friendly version of the game. Of course, this makes sense given its popularity and the fact that checking in on your base more often yields better results than leaving your Pals to devolve into chaos.

At this time, PocketPair has not announced any plans for a mobile app for Palworld. If that changes, we’ll be sure to let you know, but for now, the game remains available only via Steam and Xbox GamePass.

Despite fans asking about PS5 and mobile plans, the current roadmap does not include these ports. Instead, the developers have been working on updates and patches for these versions relatively frequently since the game’s launch, and that appears to be their primary focus for now.