Is UFC 4 Cross Platform? Crossplay Explained

UFC 4 is the premiere Mixed Martial Arts experience in gaming, but its Cross-Platform capabilities are surprisingly limited.

Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones face off in UFC 4.

Image via EA SPORTS

UFC 4 is the latest installment in the beloved Mixed Martial Arts gaming franchise. First released back in 2020, it has continued to grow through the transition into the next generation of gaming consoles, and is considered the best combat sports title on the market. You might expect that this makes it prime territory to be a fully cross platform enabled game, but it turns out that things are a little more complex in that territory than you might imagine.

Unlike some of its sporting brothers, the UFC franchise doesn’t operate on yearly releases, instead focusing on roster updates and ratings adjustments over the course of its life cycle. This means that new entries are rare, and game-changing features aren’t likely to arrive until UFC 5.

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UFC 4 Cross Platform: Xbox & PlayStation Crossplay Details

Two fighters square off in UFC 4.
Image via EA SPORTS

In short, UFC 4 does not support crossplay, but does have some cross platform capabilities. Players on the same family of consoles (say: Xbox One & Xbox Series X) can play against each other freely, but those one opposing families (Xbox vs. PlayStation) cannot.

So if you’re playing on PS5, you can freely challenge your PS4 friends, but you’re out of luck if you want to square off against an Xbox user. It is important to note that users on next-gen consoles will have a significant advantage over those on older hardware, as the game is frame-rate boosted on both Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5, and in a game that’s all about split-second decision making, the jump from 30 frames to 60 frames is a mammoth-sized gap.

There’s no word on whether UFC 5, which will have a full-reveal in September 2023, will have full cross platform support either, but it certainly stands a better chance than the current game.