Kamisato Estate Barrier guide – how to get there, puzzle solutions – Genshin Impact

Under the sea.

The third and final part of the Cleansing Defilement quest, players will need to destroy the barrier at the Kamisator Estate. This one is actually much quicker than the others, and less involved, but it certainly isn’t easy by any means.

First, players will need to get their hands on the Key-Shaped Ward to be able to purify the central lantern at the Kamisate Estate barrier.

To start, players will need to make their way just a little north of Kamisato Estate. Here, on a jutting outcrop of rock near the coast, they will find an earth Kitsune statue that they can scan with the Memento Lens.

After scanning the Earth Kitsune and hitting the larger Kitsune that spawns in with some Electro abilities, the Key-Shaped Ward shall appear. Players can then pick it up and make their way to the Waverider spawn area on the map to the east.

After getting in the ship, players will want to head to the island to the northeast. Here, right in the center and among three large Kitsune statues is another Earth Kitsune. Scan it with the Memento Lens again, then drop down into the hole that appears in the earth. Players will need to be sure to interact with the Sakura Thunder Boughs and get the elctrogranum buff the entire time they are down here, as the environment will damage them if they don’t.

Interact with the central lantern, using the Ward to purify it, then it is time to solve the puzzle. The first lantern will need one mark, just like all the other puzzles. The lanterns to the left and right of the first one should have two marks each, and the lanterns in front and behind should have three marks each.

Interact with the main lantern again and two enemies will spawn in. Yes, this fight is against two of the Oschimusha enemies. Take them both out to wrap up this part of the quest.