Lethal Company: Best Mods (And How To Install Them)

Learn more about the best mods for Lethal Company, as well as how to install Lethal Company mods on Thunderstore.

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Lethal Company is a simple, data-light game that most people with a laptop can enjoy. The advantage of a simple, easy-to-run game like this is that mods are similarly easy to download and enjoy.

While Lethal Company is a perfectly fine game on its own, the best mods out there can turn it into an entirely new experience. From meme mods of Goku chasing you down a hallway in place of a Bracken to Weeping Angel mods standing in for the Coil-Head, you can make plenty of small changes to the game that make a big difference in gameplay. Below in our brief list, we’ll name all the best mods you can install for Lethal Company, including how to get these mods working in the first place.

How To Install Mods on Lethal Company

Getting mods together for Lethal Company is an astoundingly simple process. Integrating a mod into your game doesn’t even require opening your file browser, instead relying on the store tool to get everything in order. To get mods properly working with your copy of Lethal Company, follow the short guide we have here:

  1. Install Thunderstore Mod Manager from the official website.
  2. In the search bar, find Lethal Company and select your copy.
  3. Use the “Get Mods” section to download your desired mods.
  4. Run the game within Thunderstore Mod Manager after all mods are installed and turned on.

Best Lethal Company Mods Ranked

12. Skinwalkers

Image via Zeekerss

If you want to add another unnerving level to Lethal Company, consider the Skinwalkers mod. This add-on allows monsters to mimic your friends’ voices, taking spoken lines and repeating them when nearby. This mod can be loads of fun, adding on a sense of unease if you hear the same sentence twice or without context.

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11. Weeping Angels

Image via Zeekerss

Many Lethal Company players understood the reference when Coil-Head appeared in their games for the first time, comparing it to Weeping Angels. Modding has now made the reference come full circle, replacing the Coil-Head model with Weeping Angels that can appear in the facility. They still function just like Coil-Heads but are a tad quieter since the mod also removes the sound that Coil-Heads make.

10. BepinExPack

Image via Thunderstore

BepinExPack is a stability mod that helps all the other ones function. More specifically, it helps set the framework for Unity modding so that every other mod you use has everything it needs to function properly. If you’re going to be getting any mods, BepinEx should be the first on your list. In fact, most mods will list this one as a precursor for installation, emphasizing that for a good experience, BepinEx should already be on your mod list.

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9. MoreCompany

Image via Thunderstore

One of the biggest mods to help out Lethal Company gameplay is the MoreCompany mod. This one is simple: it increases the lobby size for Lethal Company. You no longer must adhere to the sign on the ship that states the maximum occupancy is four employees. Now, you can group up with up to 8 players. The mod also comes with a few cosmetics, which you can use to differentiate from each other on the fly.

8. LateCompany

Image via Thunderstore

For your friends who aren’t good at hopping in on time, LateCompany solves a few common problems. This mod allows players to join a lobby even after a game has started. This can help overcome a world of inconveniences when getting multiple players in, especially when you have a lobby of more than four people at once. Players can arrive between rounds (although not if you’ve landed on a planet already) instead of restarting the entire lobby to get one new crew member involved.

7. Reserved Item Slot Core

Image via Thunderstore

The Reserved Item Slot Core is a required mod that allows players to have extra slots for specific items. This core mod is required for game fixes that add dedicated Flashlight and Walkie-Talkie slots once you get those items in your current run. Reserved Item Slot Core is a great mod on deck if you want maximum space for loot carrying, especially when dealing with Moons that may only allow for one trip.

6. Reserved Flashlight Slot

Image via Thunderstore

The Reserved Flashlight Slot gives you a side slot designed for your Flashlight. When you pick up a Flashlight, it automatically attaches to the correct slot. You can bring the Flashlight out using the ALT key. The Walkie slot functions just like the Flashlight slot, giving you extra space in your inventory for loot.

5. Reserved Walkie Slot

Image via Thunderstore

Created by the same developer who made the Flashlight slot and core modpack, the Reserved Walkie Slot is an extension of your inventory that allows you to carry a Walkie Talkie without taking up an inventory slot. When equipped, you can use the ALT key to bring your Walkie Talkie out, although it will still work when in the holster.

4. Flashlight Toggle

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The Flashlight Toggle Mod pairs exceptionally well with the Reserved Flashlight Slot mod, as it allows you to use your Flashlight with F. This makes it so that when you equip a Flashlight, you don’t have to press ALT to bring it out and use it every time. These minor control changes help make the game convenient in a big way, especially when you’re scrambling to get your Flashlight on to peer into a dark hallway.

3. Walkie Use

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Like the Flashlight Toggle mod, the Walkie Use Mod does almost the same. Instead of pulling your Walkie out with ALT, you can press the X key to talk to your friends. This makes Walkie-use leagues easier, not to mention how much inventory space you save by having two necessary objects in a side slot.

2. HD Lethal Company

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If you don’t like how blurry and down-res the original Lethal Company is, consider HD Lethal Company. This mod allows for an upscale from the original resolution to crisp and clear settings. It also gives you setting options for things like fog and antialiasing. Be warned, though, it doesn’t take fog out of the game completely. You won’t be immune if you drop down on a foggy Moon.

1. Yippee Mod

Image via Zeekerss

The fun Yippee mod gives the Lootbugs something more to say than just chatters and chirps as they request loot from you. Instead of the chattering sound effect, they approach you with a cute “Yippee!” This mod is a fairly popular cosmetic fix that makes the game a little sillier. Since the Lootbug is a near-harmless monster anyway, adding that Yippee makes things lighthearted, even if only briefly, as you explore the facility.