Lies of P: Which Combat Style Should You Choose

Find out which is the best combat style path in Lies of P that’s most suitable for your playstyle.

Best Path to Choose in Lies of P

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Lies of P can be unforgiving; every step can mean victory and defeat. Still, to earn the satisfaction of beating a boss — or, in my case, counting every random robot down as a victory — your choice of combat style in the early game is paramount. After all, this game falls squarely into the Souls-like genre, known for its demanding gameplay and absence of forgiving difficulty settings.

There are no shortcuts to success no accessible mode to lean on. While Lies of P doesn’t necessarily crank the difficulty dial higher than its genre peers, players must immerse themselves in its intricate mechanics. Sure, experience does make the master, and you’ll gradually gain power and expertise. But in this crucible, your initial choice of combat style will shine or falter. 

Path of the Cricket: Balance

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If you’re looking for a more leisurely start, the Path of the Cricket is your path. It offers a well-rounded experience with a slashy sword moveset that’s easy to handle.

The blocking ability provides decent damage mitigation, making it forgiving for beginners who might not land their parries perfectly.

Path of the Bastard: Dexterity

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The Path of the Bastard boasts the best stat spread. Your initial health isn’t too low, so you won’t immediately miss heightened vitality.

At the cost of a bit of damage come advantages like stamina regeneration.
The drawback is the lack of blocking ability, making it less forgiving if you miss a parry. Still, the lower health threshold is manageable in most early-game situations

Path of the Sweeper: Strength

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The Path of the Sweeper does have some drawbacks as a starting class.

It struggles to land charged hits needed for critical damage, making combat less forgiving.

However, it has good reach and unique features like bleed damage.

What is the Best Starting Combat Style in Lies of P?

With its balanced stat spread, the Path of the Cricket class may be the winner for best combat style in Lies of P regarding long-term potential and min-maxing. This one is ideal for starting players who would like to experience the story and avoid death as much as Lies of P allows for.

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A great second choice for a solid challenge is the Path of the Bastard, which still spreads out the stats pretty evenly. However, the Path of the Sweeper does seem to be the most fun but devilishly challenging.