How to complete the 2020 Little Ladies’ Day event in Final Fantasy XIV

Pick up quest rewards like the Senschal’s monocle and Princess’s Peach Corsage, and stock up on Eastern Stages while you can

FFXIV Little Ladies' Day 2020

The annual Little Ladies’ Day event is here. This seasonal favorite is Final Fantasy XIV‘s take on Hinamatsuri, celebrated in Japan each year on March 3. In Eorzea, the festivities last a little longer; Little Ladies’ Day 2020 started on March 2 and ends on March 16.

In this guide we’ll take a look at the rewards and quests involved in this year’s event.

Little Ladies’ Day 2020 Rewards

Completing the quest Pretty in Peaches awards you the Senschal’s Monocle and the Princess’s Peach Corsage. Both headpieces are wearable by any gender and are dyable.

The big star of this year’s rewards is the Eastern Stage, which is sure to be a hit for housing decorators as a more colorful replacement for the Troupe Stage. At only 3,000 gil apiece, it’s worth stocking up.

There’s also a colorful Little Ladies’ Day banner available for 2,500 gil.

Completing the main quest unlocks a vendor next to the quest-giver in the Steps of Nald: Royal Handmaiden (X: 10.4, Y:8.5).

Little Ladies’ Day 2020 Quest

Start the Little Ladies’ Day quest in Ul’dah by speaking with the Royal Senschal at X:10.5, Y:8.5, just across from the new, temporary stage. The main quest is called Pretty in Peaches.

The Royal Seneschal asks for your help in making sure the celebration goes off without a hitch. In the cutscene, you’re alerted to a sad woman who needs your help to turn her frown upside-down. Travel around Ul’dah and find out who’s seen her.

Question the residents near the Gate of Nald

  • Speak with the Cheery Citizen directly in the middle of the path in front of the Adventurer’s Guild (X:11.9, Y:8.4)

Question the residents of the Sapphire Avenue Exchange

  • Find the Dignified Citizen in the hallway directly past the Sapphire Avene Exchange Aethernet Shard (X:13.2, Y:10.6)

Question the residents of the Gold Court

  • Northeast of the Weavers’ Guild Aethernet Shard, you’ll find a Classy Citizen (X: 12.5, Y:12.0), who sends you in the direction of the Hustings Strip.

Find the girl near Scholar’s Walk

  • The Crestfallen Citizen is hanging out near the Alchemists’ Guild Aethernet Shard (X: 9.5, Y: 12.8). Lend an ear to the unhappy Lalafell and she’ll send you off to Frondale’s Phrontistery.

Proceed to Frondale’s Phrontistery

  • Ask the Phrontistery Alchemist (X: 9.5, Y: 13.3) for entrance and you’ll be admitted to the Children’s Ward.

Speak with Damielliot

  • Entering the Children’s Ward brings you to Damielliot. Speak to him for a cutscene.

Speak with the children at Frondale’s Phrontistery

  • You’ll find a Miqo’te Girl across the hall (X: 3.4, Y: 3.6), Lorie in the next room (X:3.4, Y: 3.5), and a Hyuran Boy down the hall (X:3.5, Y:3.4.) Once you’ve talked to all the children, return to Momoru (X: 3.6, Y: 3.6) to share what you’ve learned.

Speak with Redolent Rose

  • Head to the Weavers’ Guild and talk to the guildmaster, Redolent Rose (X: 14.3, Y:13.2)

Return to Frondale’s Phrontistery

  • Head back to the Alchemists’ Guild and enter the Phrontistery again (X: 9.5, Y: 13.3) to kick off a new cutscene.

Speak with Aldiytha and the others

  • Find Aldiytha (X: 3.6, Y: 3.7), Momoru (X: 3.4, Y: 3.5), and finally, complete the quest with Damielliot (X: 3.6, Y: 3.5).

Little Ladies’ Day 2020 Optional Quest

You can take the repeatable quest A Guest to Impress to receive some confetti and dive deeper into Little Ladies’ Day lore.