Little Town Hero – Idea Battle System Guide


We’re getting a small treat from GameFreak before they release their latest Pokémon titles, Sword and Shield. We have roughly a month to wait for those games and to help make the waiting easier, it’s going to release Little Town Hero on Oct. 16 for the Nintendo Switch. You can expect to see the new game coming up shortly. The fighting system is in the game is based around your character using Ideas to do combat. Players are not going to be upgrading or enhancing weapons to fight their enemies. Instead, players are going to go through a skill tree and gain Eureka Points. Here’s how it all works.

Idea Battle System in Little Town Hero Explained

There are three different actions players can take during a battle. They can choose to Attack, Defend, or do something Special. Players are going to want to use these different ideas based on the situation they’re facing. At the same time, players are going to need to anticipate their opponent’s idea attacks, too. If an enemy is going to attack, players need to attempt to break their ideas. Breaking their ideas is going to lead to damaging them.

Ideas themselves need to get turned into Dazzits. A player needs to use their power to turn an idea into a Dazzit, thereby giving them something to use against the creature they’re fighting. If a player does not have power, they cannot turn anything into a Dazzit, preventing them from doing anything in combat with their ideas.

Players carry a limited number of ideas on them during a fight. If a player runs out before the battle ends, they’re going to lose. Time is of the essence because, without any ideas, a player cannot engage in combat. However, if players can use an idea against their enemy and not have the idea break, the player can use that idea again. Because players have a limited amount they can use in a single fight, they’re going to have to find the correct balance of unleashing their ideas against specific attacks to make sure they can get used again.

The first part of the below video details all of this information. Subtitles are explaining what’s going on in the battles. The video also details how the villagers are going to assist players by providing them with buffs to enhance their stats, or even directly attacking an enemy. The buffed stats could prevent players from having their ideas break, letting them use the idea another time during the fight.

Little Town Hero releases on the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 16. You can pre-order your copy of the game from the Nintendo eShop right here.