Lost Ark: Valtan Legion Raid – Gate Two Guide

Slay the beast from the first Legion Raid.

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Valtan is the first Legion Raid featured in Lost Ark, a series of extremely difficult battles that require a great deal of coordination between you and your teammates. You and your allies can form groups of up to eight to fight against Valtan, a two-part boss that’s intimidating, powerful, and can take many tries.

To challenge Gate Two of Valtan, you must have previously completed Gate One before you can gain access to this fight. When fighting Valtan, you should have Time Stop Potions, Corrosive Bombs, and Destruction Bombs. It’s also highly recommended to bring Dark Grenades.

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Sidereal Skills

Valtan has the same Sidereal Skills as Gate One of Valtan. Sidereal Skills are usable by the raid leader and allow you to summon allies who cast powerful effects for your team. These skills can be seen on the top-left of your screen. Once the bar underneath your skills fills up, your raid leader can cast a Sidereal Skill.

  • Thirain
    • Hotkey: Ctrl + Z
    • Thirain appears on the battlefield and deals tons of damage to the boss. This ability is important in the final phase of the Valtan fight if you are having trouble meeting the DPS check.
  • Wei
    • Hotkey: Ctrl + X
    • Wei deals tons of stagger damage to the boss. Wei is not as important in Gate Two of Valtan, and you likely will not use Wei in this fight.
  • Balthorr
    • Hotkey: Ctrl + C
    • Balthorr summons a circle of light. Anyone in the circle will gain damage reduction and push immunity. Balthorr is commonly used to ensure that your team can survive a variety of patterns in this game.

Tower Tackle – Armor Break

Valtan will start the beginning of the raid with two layers of armor that you must break using Weak Point Damage. If you do not break the armor in time, he will take significantly less damage. However, you can only break Valtan’s armor after he incapacitates himself by running into a wall.

Throughout the first phase, Valtan will charge up and prepare to tackle a random player, running straight into them. As he charges up, group up with your team in front of one of many walls, and then dash out as he tackles in. Valtan cannot change direction, and he will run headfirst into the wall. He will then become stunned, allowing you to deal Weak Point Damage. Valtan will then periodically charge and tackle at your team at random intervals.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Be sure to save your Weak Point Damage during this portion of the mechanic. Use a Corrosive Bomb to increase the power of everyone’s Weak Point Damage. Additionally, toss out Destruction Bombs, which also deal Weak Point Damage. Eventually, Valtan’s armor will break, which will allow you to deal more damage.

This mechanic lasts until x130 HP. After this phase, Valtan can skill tackle players randomly throughout the fight. However, you will be able to counter him.

Armor Break Axes

During the Armor Break mechanic, Valtan will occasionally fly up into the air and become untargetable. As this happens, axes will rain down on your team for several seconds. Following this, a huge AoE attack will land, dealing significant damage to anyone caught in the blast. If you are hit by axes, you will take moderate damage and become briefly stunned. If you are caught by an axe, it’s highly likely you won’t be able to dash out.

You can dodge the axes by having your team head to designated positions around the map. You and the rest of the team should proceed to walk in a circle, which will condense the spread of the axes and allow you to dodge the axes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To dodge the huge AoE attack, you can head to wherever Valtan had broken a wall. Where the wall is broken is where you’ll find a narrow safe spot that allows you to dodge the AoE attack. If you cannot make it to the safe spot, you can choose to use a Time Stop Potion instead.

Valtan can do the axes mechanic randomly throughout the rest of the raid.

Instant Kill

This mechanic starts at x130 HP. Valtan will perform an attack consisting of two axe attacks on the ground. The second attack in this mechanic will instantly kill players. You cannot use a Time Stop Potion to stop this attack.

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There are two methods to clearing this mechanic. When Valtan breaks a wall during the Armor Break phase, two blue orbs will drop to the ground. These blue orbs protect you from axe attacks in this phase. (You must dodge the first axe attack, or your protection will wear off.) Each player must take an orb to tank the second attack.

The easiest method is to simply use the Sidereal Skill: Balthorr, which will provide players with a buff that allows them to tank the second attack. While this method is easier, you might consider learning the first method so you can use the Sidereal Skill: Thirain skill instead, allowing you to deal more damage.


This mechanic starts at x110 HP. Valtan summons a pillar at the North, South, East, and West positions. Valtan will leap into the sky, creating a huge yellow attack indicator. To dodge this attack, hide behind one of the pillars. Following this, a red, cone-shaped attack indicator will lock onto a random player. As the player wiggles around, they should notice the red attack indicator will stop tracking them. This means that Valtan will fire an attack soon.

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Point the attack indicator between two pillars, and then dash behind a pillar or move out of the red zone and use a Time Stop Potion. This will happen twice. The second time, allies can attack Valtan as he targets the same player. If Valtan strikes a pillar, the pillar will explode and deal significant damage.

At the end of this mechanic, the pillars will explode.

First Map Break

At x85 HP, Valtan will leap into the sky. After a moment, a red attack indicator will appear on the North or South side. Valtan will land on the attack indicator and break the map. Group up at the center, and move towards the side of the map that is still intact.

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From here, Valtan’s normal attacks can push you off the map. If you are playing on the exposed side of the map and are stricken by an attack, you will more than likely fall off and instantly die.

After Valtan breaks the stage and returns to the center of the map, he will perform a second Pillars mechanic. Follow the same instructions as the first Pillars mechanic, although do note, the area in which you can move around is much smaller as a result of the broken map.

Three, Two, One, Counter

Screenshot by Gamepur

This mechanic starts at x65 HP. Valtan will leap into the air, and slam back onto the ground. Players will notice a delayed explosion beneath their feet, which they should dash away from to avoid taking damage. Following this, a cutscene will occur, as Valtan prepares a powerful instant kill. After the cutscene ends, count to three seconds. On the third second, Valtan can be countered. Your entire team should use their Counter Skill to ensure that Valtan does not instantly kill your party.

Second Map Break

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A second map break will start at x40 HP. Valtan will perform the same mechanic as the first Map Break. He will break the side of the map that is still intact. From here, you can get pushed off the edge of the map at any time. Play extra careful to ensure that you do not fall off the map.

Ghost Phase Prep

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Valtan will prepare to enter the final “Ghost Phase” at around x15 HP. Valtan will perform a variety of difficult-to-dodge attacks that are designed to push players off the map.

  • Valtan will strike with his axe once in each cardinal direction: North, South, East, and West.
  • He will begin to smash the ground, summoning explosions at players. You can dodge this by paying attention to the direction of the explosions and heading either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • He will smash the ground and create an explosion + shockwave.
  • He will perform an abridged version of the Pillars mechanic, with three Pillars that will explode. There will be a corner without a Pillar that you need to head to.

It’s highly recommended to use the Sidereal Skill: Balthorr. While you’ll take damage if you do not properly dodge these mechanics, it’s not enough to kill you with potions, and you do not run the risk of being pushed off the map.

Ghost Phase

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After the conclusion of Ghost Phase Prep, Valtan will transform into a ghost. Valtan will recover to x30 HP and take less damage, receiving armor stacks. He will summon ghosts periodically across the map that will deal counterable attacks. You should counter all these attacks to will up your Sidereal Skill bar.

Use Sidereal Skill: Thirain to deal significant damage and bypass the armor. You can remove armor stacks by countering the ghosts. This phase is quite difficult. Focus on dodging attacks rather than dealing damage.

Following the conclusion of this phase, you’ll have successfully completed the Valtan raid. Follow Valtan up by completing the Vykas raid, which you can start checking out through this guide here.