Lost Ark’s Ark Pass: How to complete, premium passes, and rewards

Daily Lost Ark logins gain even more incentives.

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The Ark Pass, Lost Ark’s version of a standard battle pass, rewards players for logging in daily and completing a handful of scattered missions. These missions, when completed, add Ark XP to the player’s pass, gradually leveling it up and providing rewards at every level reached, from one to 30.

Missions take two forms — normal missions, which can be repeated once per day for the entire duration of the pass, and season missions, which can only be done once each. The difficulty of these missions also varies greatly, from playing sheet music and using work energy in trade skills to clearing difficult PvM content, like Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons.


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Ideally, players looking to make the most of the Ark Pass’s missions should equip a total item level of 460. This item level allows them to participate in the daily Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Abyssal Dungeons, and Chaos Gates for maximum Ark XP. Additionally, players who have progressed to this degree should be able to pass Procyon’s wall at this item level, accessing many of Arkesia’s Adventure Islands.

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Rewards and Premium Passes

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With every new Ark level, players earn some form of in-game currency (silver, gold, Pirate Coins), shipbuilding materials (parts, timber, blueprints), rare trade skill tools, legendary card packs, and plenty of honing materials. At Ark level 10, qualifying players are rewarded with a new and unique mount, the Soul Vanguard.

Players looking to spend some real-world currency on their Ark Passes can choose to upgrade to Premium or Super Premium. With every Ark level, Premium pass owners will earn additional honing materials, culminating in a new Vertus pet by Ark level 30. Super Premium owners, however, unlock unique cosmetics at every fifth Ark level, including a character selection background, a thematic “Noble Banquet” outfit, and a matching weapon specific to the player’s class.

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