Mario Kart Tour – How To Finish A Race By Crashing Over The Line Three Times


Mario Kart Tour has an exciting challenge this week, as we need to finish a race by crashing over the line three times. You can’t leave this one to chance and instead will need to give yourself the perfect set up. You will also need a Banana to get the job done correctly.

Mario Kart Tour – How To Finish A Race By Crashing Over The Line Three Times

Because you will need a Banana for this challenge, use the BBIA Parafoil if you have it, as it increases your chances of getting a Banana. Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, and Morton are also excellent drivers to use, as they all have Banana related special items as well.

What you will need to do is pick a course of your choice, then race it as normal. Aim to be in the first place, to increase the chances of getting a Banana from an item box. Once you get one, you will need to try and hold on to it by dodging attacks from other drivers, and not picking up other items.

As you approach the finish line at the end of the first lap, cross it either on the far left or far right, as close as you can to the edge, dropping your Banana just before the finish line itself. After that, you need to get around the second lap, keeping first place, so that you can cross the finish line by running over your Banana. This will cause you to crash, and you will end up crashing over the finish line. Just repeat this three times to wrap up the challenge.

Because you will be leaving the Banana on the extreme left or right of the track, other drivers shouldn’t run over it, meaning it will be there waiting for you at the end of the second lap!