Mario Kart Tour Microtransactions Explained


Mario Kart Tour has been anticipated for iOS and Android devices for some time. Nintendo’s mobile games had its highs with Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokémon Masters, and its lows with Dr. Mario World and Super Mario Run. With Mario Kart Tour being free-to-play, some restrictions will tempt you to get out your wallet and pay for microtransactions. Along with other free-to-play mobile games, Mario Kart Tour has some good deals while others are very questionable. Here are the explanations for the Mario Kart Tour transactions.

Mario Kart Tour Microtransactions Explained

At the shop, which you can unlock after beating the first cup, you have the option to buy a Gold Pass at a reasonable price of $4.99 per month. Subscribing to the Gold Pass gives you extra benefits as Lakitu explains. As a bonus, you’ll be able to race as 200cc. At the time of this article’s date, first-time users will have a two-week free trial. Also, the Gold Pass includes Gold Gifts, which are better characters like Metal Mario, new karts, and more rubies. You can earn badges from Gold Challenges along the way.

Next is the limited special offer, which is the New York Set. As time goes on, it will more than likely be changed to other sets like Tokyo or Paris given the courses inspired by the real-world cities. It costs $19.99 and lasts for two weeks. In it, you’ll get 45 rubies, which is up to 10 pulls from the pipe. As a bonus, you will also get Mario and five-star tickets.

And finally, there are microtransactions for buying rubies. They are listed as the following:

  • 3 rubies for $1.99
  • 10 rubies for $5.99
  • 23 rubies for $12.99
  • 48 rubies for $26.99
  • 93 rubies for $49.99
  • 135 rubies for $69.99

Those are currently the forms of microtransactions in Mario Kart Tour. While playing for free is worth the experience, it is your choice, in the end, to spend money on the game to get a head start or try to get a character you weren’t able to at the start of the game.