Will Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Cost Money?


Right now, Mario Kart Tour is going in the direction of every mobile game ever created. They’re attempting to get players invested in their game, offering plenty of options for those who merely want to play the game, or those who want to pay to play. You can go either way. However, right now, multiplayer is not in the game. It’s going to release during a future update. Is the update going to include multiplayer for players where they’re going to need to pay to play it?

Will Multiplayer Cost Money in Mario Kart Tour?

While Mario Kart Tour does encourage players to purchase their monthly pass for $4.99 and give them the option to buy Rubies, the game’s premium currency, it’s unlikely players are going to need to pay to play the multiplayer portion of the game. Right now, this area is still under construction. It’s doubtful anyone is going to need to pay to play this post of the game.

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Being able to play with friends is a bit part of the Mario Kart game. Additionally, while adding friends to your friend’s list does take a little bit of time to achieve, Nintendo does not bar you from doing so. It’s unlikely they’re going to block players from getting access to multiplayer when the update arrives. However, they could make it Cup-specific, which would players are going to need to play through the game enough to unlock it. This method could be the only thing preventing players from jumping into multiplayer outright.

Doing so might be a good idea. It takes a little bit of time and practice for players to get through Mario Kart Tour, and the more they play it, the more likely they’re going to have higher-level drivers, vehicles, and gliders available to them. These are important to score points. However, while points are essential at the end of the race, they do not determine if a player is going to get first or second place. This scoring system could change upon the arrival of multiplayer, but we don’t know yet. We do not have too many details about how it’s going to work, not until it officially releases.

We’re going to learn more about multiplayer in the future from Nintendo. For now, compete against your friends during the first ranked cup race, and keep trying to beat them with your line-up. The more you play of Mario Kart Tour, the better results you’re going to receive.