Mario Kart Tour: How To Perform 3 Jump Boosts off Hot Air Balloons Challenge Guide


Getting a jump boost is not the most challenging task in Mario Kart Tour. You’re going to find your driver using a jump boost nearly any time they go off a ramp or leap over the top of an object when they’re in the air. A tough challenge in the game, though, is performing three of these jump boosts when going over hot air balloons. While you might find trouble doing it in the middle of a race, there’s a specific course you’re going to find it a much better experience.

How To Do 3 Jump Boosts off of Hot Air Balloons in Mario Kart Tour

Challenges are going to unlock when you complete the seventh cup in Mario Kart Tour, the Bowser cup. After you beat it, you’re going to have a list of challenges to finish in the game so you can earn badges to add to your profile. You also have the chance to win rubies for every task you complete. To make your life easier for the three jump boosts, you want to return the previous cup you were playing before Bowser, the Peach Cup.

Check out Daisy Hills course. You’re going to find the race reasonably basic, but close to the end; you’re going to leap off a ramp into an airfield filled with hot air balloons. All you need to do is clear these balloons and bounce on the top of them.

You’re going to want to stick to the right side of this area. You can go up the middle, but you might find yourself forced to dodge the balloons in your path, and you might only hit the one. If you stick to the right side, you’re going to find yourself bouncing and leaping off of at least two, knocking those out immediately. If you get at least those two and then get one of the balloons from the middle, you should find the challenge complete after a few attempts at this race.

You can complete this challenge at any level of the race. If you want to go back to one of the earlier cups to face off against more accessible AI and a less stressful race route, you’re going to finish it faster.