Mario Kart Tour – Use A Bullet Bill


New weekly challenges have arrived in Mario Kart Tour! The game continues the fun in the Tokyo Tour, and one of the unique challenges is to use a Bullet Bill. In this guide, we show you how.

Mario Kart Tour – Use A Bullet Bill

The Bullet Bill is an item you can get from item boxes during the race that turns you into a massive bullet, sending you speeding down the track, smashing through opponents. The good news is because Bullet Bill is an item from a box you don’t need to use a specific driver, kart, or glider to finish this challenge. You can do it on any course.

The trick to this challenge is getting into the last place. Doing so gives you the highest chance of getting the Bullet Bill from a box. To get into the last place, try a Rocket Start by pressing down on the screen. However, rather than waiting until the two counts, start pressing too early and hold on too late. When you do it too soon, it causes your car to spin out at the very start of the race.

The false start should put you into last place. After that, it’s a matter of trying to hit every oil patch, banana skin, and obstacle on the course that you can. Just keep picking up item boxes, and it shouldn’t be long until you get the Bullet Bill item. While in last place you might get other speed items like the Mushroom. If you get them, try not to use them and overtake any drivers

When you use it, prepare to speed down the track. You might even get into first place when you use it.