Marionette Core in Genshin Impact – how to get it and what it does

The powerhouse of the cell.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Genshin Impact is constantly introducing new resources and farmable items that players will need for any number of reasons. One of the main reasons to hunt down any resource is that it is a character ascension material, and will be used to level up characters in the game.

The Marionette Core was introduced to Genshin Impact in update 1.6 and will be used as an ascension material for Kazuha and other characters from the Inazuma region. It only has one source at the moment, and that is from the Maguu Kenki boss fight in the very center of the Golden Apple Archipelago.

By playing through the first three Acts of the Midsummer Island Adventure missions, players will be able to fight the Maguu Kenki and farm it for materials, artifacts, and items like the Marionette Core. It costs Original Resin to open the reward blossom at the end of the fight, so players need to keep that in mind.

The Marionette Core will drop from any defeated Maguu Kenki over Level 30, so players who are below the relevant World Level will need to continue playing through the game’s content until they level up their Adventure Rank enough to get there.

The Golden Apple Archipelago will be in the game for a limited time, and when the current event is over the source for the Marionette Core will be moved. We will update the guide when this happens to reflect the new source and method of obtaining the Marionette Core.