Metroid Dread: early Morph Ball Bombs sequence break guide

If you want to insta-kill Kraid, you’re going to need bombs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Metroid Dread might seem restrictive in the way it lets you explore Planet ZDR, but there are actually multiple opportunities to break the main sequence and get some early weapons and items. In fact, doing so is required if you want to insta-kill Kraid, and you’ll need the Bomb ability for that. If you’re interested in pulling that off, this guide will show you how to do it.

Step one, you need to get the Grapple Beam early – refer to our guide on that first. Once you’ve got it, work your way back up the vertical shaft to the elevator and ride it up to Dairon. Start backtracking through the volcanic rooms and continue west through the Network Station.

Just past that is the EMMI Zone. Head on in and start working your way up and to the left. You want to aim for the left-side door that’s second from the top. Refer to the screenshot below if you’re unsure about which one to use, then head through the exit.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On the other side of this exit is a Grapple Beam Block, which you can yank out of the way since you already snagged that ability early. Now you need to power up this shut-down sector. Head through the next door and climb up the platforms, passing the enemies to reach the top-left door. Head through it and continue to the next chamber (this Map Station isn’t active until you restore power). Drop down to the bottom, use your Grapple Beam to reach and maneuver around the magnetic ceiling, then jump to the next door. In the following room is a pressure plate, so stand on it to restore power to the sector. You’re almost there.

Now destroy the cracked block on the bottom-right for a shortcut. Head through and scale the platforms again. Across from the Map Station is a Morph Ball tunnel. Roll through, head through the door, and you’ll find a Chozo Statue holding the Bomb ability in the next chamber. Now you’re perfectly equipped to take down Kraid in half the time!