How to Tame and Breed Cats introduced in Minecraft’s 1.14 Update

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In the recent Minecraft 1.14 update, Mojang added a bunch of new critters into the game including Pandas, Foxes, and those of a feline variety.

These felines aren’t the Ocelotes that have been a part of Minecraft for some time now, however, that have a habit of hiding in the Jungle-biomes spread across your world, these are instead less tigery kitty Cats that you can be found in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

These Cats usually spawn around or in villages as strays, though some can also spawn in swamp huts. Unlike Wolves, untamed Cats can de-spawn so if you don’t tame one right away, chances are it’ll vanish.

If its stray, wild Cats will also attack rabbits and baby turtles, so if you have any farms of these critters when one does appear, be sure to fence them off to keep them protected. Stray Cats have a habit of wandering off and exploring, so do be careful.

So, how exactly do we tame them?

A player needs to be holding a raw cod or salmon to have the stray Cat approach them. If they aren’t holding these fish, the Cat will run away from a player at every instance. After feeding it a random amount of these fish, the Cat will become tameable and get a collar around its neck similar to Wolves.

Once tamed, a Cat will no longer despawn and will follow the player unless they are right clicked, causing them to sit and stay in a single spot.

Breeding Cats

To Breed Cats, you need to have two Tamed Cats and feed them both uncooked cod or salmon. They will then enter love mode and create a Kitten, similar to how other mobs breed babies, which will also be tamed by you.

Cats can only make a new kitten every five minutes. Sibling Cats are also unable to breed. If you want to get a particular species of Cat for your kitten, then sit the breed of a Cat you don’t want again down and then un-sit the Breed of Cat you do want. The new Kitten will become the breed of the moving Cat.