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Minecraft Breeze Explained: What is the 1.21 Update’s Newest Mob?

The Breeze is a new mob in Minecraft, but even veterans might struggle against it when they decide to enter its lair.

As part of Minecraft Live 2023, Mojang went over everything they’ve been working on to bring to Minecraft over the next year or so. Among the teased features is Trial Chambers, new areas that pit players against devious puzzles and enemies.

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However, while Trial Chambers were being showcased and fans were losing their minds over them, a new Mob was casually shown off. Breeze is a new type of enemy that’s going to make everyone’s lives more difficult in Trial Chambers, but they’re far from a conventional enemy.

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What is a Breeze Mob in Minecraft

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The Breeze Mob is a wind-based elemental Mob that will assault players by jumping around and bumping into them to cause damage and push them away. It’ll attack players by shooting gusts of wind at them that cause damage when they hit any player directly. If the gusts miss players, they’ll explode in a burst of wind that can throw players around and leave a lasting effect for a few seconds.

Breeze Mobs can activate switches and effectively trap players in the areas where they’re found. They’re mischievous and will try to imprison players, so they must break out of their jail cell or wait for another player to defeat the Breeze Mob and free them.

How to Defeat Breeze Mobs in Minecraft

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Players can defeat Breeze Mobs by attacking them with weapons. There’s no secret to killing them. It’s just quite difficult to do because they constantly hit players with gusts that push them away. The best thing to do appears to be using ranged weapons or strafing while approaching the Breeze Mob to avoid incoming gusts and eventually land a hit or two.

Where do Breeze Mobs Appear in Minecraft

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Breeze Mobs appear in Trial Chambers in Minecraft. These are interconnected areas that challenge players with puzzles and combat encounters, requiring them to work together with others and their best gear to emerge victorious.

As players work through a Trial Chamber, they’ll encounter Breeze Mobs among groups of other enemies. The Breeze Mobs will disrupt a player’s strategy and make it easier for the other mobs to attack and kill them.

When is the Release Date for Breeze Mobs/Minecraft Update 1.21

At the time of writing, it’s not known when Minecraft Update 1.21, and therefore Breeze Mobs, will be released. Developer Mojang has confirmed it’s aiming for a mid-2024 release window, but that really doesn’t tell us much. Before the release date is announced, the update will likely be given a name that explains what’s in it a lot better. For the time being, players will just have to wait and watch the footage of Breeze Mobs that’s been published so far to enjoy them.

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