Top 10 Best Magic Mods For Minecraft

Minecraft is magical, but mods can add some extra flare. Here are some of the best magical mods players can download.

If you’ve ever wished you could have just a little extra layer of fantasy to your Minecraft realm, we have a number of solutions for you. Minecraft, being a world of living skeletons and zombies, always felt like it was due just a bit of magic. While tomes and blessings to your shovels are all great concepts, there are a few mods out there that add that touch of magic that you need to have a balanced system in the same game you love.

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10. Ars Nouveau

Image by Ars Nouveau

Ars Nouveau is a magic mod that allows players to craft magical artifacts, create spells, perform rituals, and other magical things. With the power of crafting at your fingertips, these new items and recipes for items can be useful for any decent playthrough, especially if you want to play in a brand new way. With this mod, you can construct magical machines to do your bidding, whether it’s to create supplies or manage certain aspects of your home base.

9. Blood Magic

Image by Blood Magic

If you’re in the mood to use some cursed kinds of magic in Minecraft, the Blood Magic has your fill of it. The Blood Magic mod is a bit gruesome, at least for Minecraft pixelated standards. By using the blood of creatures or other mobs you encounter, you can take control of the forbidden magic and do huge amounts of damage. This mod also comes with new items and materials to craft with, so you can start a new world with fresh prospects and new things to uncover.

8. Ice and Fire

Image by Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire is a robust mod that not only adds magic into the Minecraft mix, but dragons too. As of now, there are two kinds of dragons you can find, and their elemental types are no big surprise: ice and fire. The mod offers a visual upgrade in addition to the dragons, making the world feel more fantasy-oriented with bolts of lightning and creatures that lurk in the night.

7. Electroblob’s Wizardry

Image by Electroblob’s Wizardry

Electroblob’s Wizardry is an extensive magic mod that adds all sorts of spells and wizard attire to Minecraft. This mod is pretty big, containing almost 200 spells in total. Between spells, the wands that cast them, and powerful artifacts, there’s plenty to do in this gigantic mod for wizard-y folk. The wizardry is integrated right into the game, meaning you can find all your resources naturally, through exploring, mining, and defeating mobs.

6. Botania

Image by Botania

Botania is a mod that focuses on the more natural aspects of magic. You’ll find plenty of magic that can help you farm, gather life energy, and bring efficiency to your world. Whether you’re enhancing crops, creating new ones, or making Redstone projects look like child’s play, there’s lots to do in this mod. It’s still very much recognizable as Minecraft but with new mechanics and items mixed in effortlessly.

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5. Magic Pills and Magic Potions

Image by Magic Pills and Magic Potions

If you’ve ever wanted to make it as an alchemist in Minecraft, the Magic Pills and Magic Potions is the mod for you. This mod does exactly what you think it would from the title. Not only does it provide some pills and potions for you to taste test, but also changes the way you create them. Experience is the best teacher, so the mod encourages players to mix and match items to brew into evil or helpful potions. The entire mod is flexible as far as compatibility goes, so if you want to mix this mod with a few other magical ones, it will likely play nice.

4. Mystical Agriculture

Image by Mystical Agriculture

Mystical Agriculture is a lot like Botania, only more sizable in content. It features new tools, armor, and crops, all magical in their own way. Plenty of new mechanics not native to Minecraft make their presence known in this mod, such as Charms that boost the passive properties of weapons and tools. Boosts like AOE bonuses, flight, extra damage, water breathing, and more can be added to just about anything. There are is a plethora of options on the agriculture side of things, both in new mob drops and the overworld. If you want a fresh start on Minecraft with plenty to discover for a digital green thumb, then this mod is a fantastic pick.

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3. Enchantment Descriptions

Image by Enhancement Descriptions

This mod is a light one, but that doesn’t make it any less useful than the rest of them. Enchantment Descriptions details enchanted books, adding a little explanatory text to the game. This can be helpful if you haven’t played for a while and don’t want to explore Minecraft with one tab on a guide and the other on the game. The mod works well with others, hardly changing most things, which makes it pretty compatible with just about anything.

2. Thaumcraft

Image by Thaumcraft

Thaumcraft is an in-depth magic mod for the base game. It provides Minecraft players with a very authentic feeling system for creating magic staffs and creating miracles, seemingly out of thin air. It comes with the Thaumonomicon, which contains a robust tutorial for the mod, including how to make staffs, spells, and other resources that you can use to help progress your game. This mod was put together with the help of multiple community members and was translated into multiple languages for the community’s benefit.

1. Waystones

Image by Waystones

For mods that are both useful and magical, Waystones gets a top spot. Waystones provides waystone blocks that players can teleport to at any time. Once activated via Warp Scrolls or Warp Stone, you can use a waystone at any point to travel from place to place. In survival mode, these waystones are great for navigating your landscape, providing just a touch of magic to the Minecraft world without overhauling anything completely.